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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Data Analytic Modernization

We are in the business of simplifying cloud Analytic & adoption at Scale. The foundation to any transformational journey is having a well-define strategy and architecture to get the organization to the desired outcome. Therefore implementing the cloud native data strategy is not just about overcoming technology challenges; rather an end-to-end blueprint & solution that enterprise to adopt cloud at scale , while continue to mature their adoption.

From building and operationalizing modern data platform our engineer are always at hand to help you navigate all stages on your big data journey. We have a rich & deep expertise enabling analytics services using Hadoop, Spark, Cloud Big Data Service, Hive, Parquet, Apache Nifi, Kafka & Superset

Data Science Acceleration

Help enable Machine learning platform for Data Scientist to orchestrate the machine learning process, allowing scientist to quickly transition from experiments to an automated pipeline of model training validation, deployment and inference in production 

Data Lab

There is a clear and present demand to understand the unique value of data available to Data Analyst, Business stakeholder or Data Scientist and use this data to identify and solve business relevant problems. 

Data Lab Service is designed to focus on using data to rapidly develop analytic solution using improved workflows and tools. This service explore innovative method, uncover new trends and explore novel means that can be applied to existing technologies and/or business workflow. As needed, the lab will develop new tools to support the task at hand and make the portfolio of data tools, resources and capabilities available so that client can use them.


We Integrate With Your Ecosystem & will meet you at any interaction, where you are in your journey

We'll help our client find opportunities to leverage data and analytics through design thinking & with some great engineers that are passionate  about data.

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